Who We Are: A self-assembled group of professionals with an interest in science, science policy and the overall well-being of NYC.  We believe bringing scientists and government policymakers together more frequently and substantively will not just enhance science policy throughout NYC, but also serve to improve the City’s communities and the City as a whole. 

Goal: To connect the policy and scientific communities in NYC through project-based interaction, to the mutual benefit of both groups and the City as a whole. 

  • For policymakers, we provide direct support from experts to address science-based questions or analytical needs that arise during the course of their efforts.

  • For scientists (PhD level and beyond), we give them the opportunity to learn about policy through first-hand experience, while applying their knowledge and skills to real-world issues.


What We Offer: With direct experience ranging from local to federal-level science policy, as well as deep networks within the science community, we are well-positioned to identify early career scientists with potential and interest in policy and match them with policymakers.  


Program Format: The structure can be customized based on office needs.  This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Case-by-Case Support: Offices assign projects as needs arise (ideally the scientist performs the work remotely, and reports findings, attends meetings, etc. in person).

  • Internship-Style Support: A scientist trains in the office under a set schedule.

  • Matching Service: Sci4NY finds experts to address specific one-off policy questions.

  • Other: We’re open to ideas and will work with your office to help as much as possible.

Workshops: Learn more about the "Science Policy in NYC" workshop we hosted in January 2020! 



Get in touch with Sci4NY to learn more or if you're interested in being an intern or hosting an intern.