Interested in hosting a scientist?

We are looking for interested City Council members or other city agencies to host scientists to address science-relevant, technical needs in their office. Projects may include activities ranging from data analysis to field work to answer scientific questions. The scope may also include projects that would benefit from a technical approach, but are more policy-based in nature. Ideally, efforts would be agreed to beforehand so that both the Council Member’s staff and graduate student are clear about and comfortable with the proposed task.

What we need from you: A point of contact in the office who can assign projects and relay feedback.  The time commitment can be limited based on staff availability, though we appreciate as much involvement as the office wants to provide.  

  • The scientists we select are self-motivated, flexible, and open-minded thinkers, so they will not require focused staff oversight.

  • Sci4NY also provides ongoing, “behind-the-scenes” mentoring and policy support to add value and most effectively utilize office staff availability.


Get in touch with Sci4NY to learn more or if you're interested in being an intern or hosting an intern.