Interested in science policy?

The program will involve matching an early career scientist (graduate student or postdoc) with a policymaker representing New York City, where a member of the staff will serve as the point of contact. The student and the staff member will work to develop a tangible, manageable project, which the student will carry out over the course of the internship. In addition, a pre-selected advisory group, consisting of 2-3 experts with credentials in science, science policy and/or general policy, will provide ongoing support and guidance directly to the selected graduate student. 


The program is directed at students and easy career professionals who may want to pursue a career in science policy and/or politics. Generally, the early career scientist should:

  • Have an interest in applying their technical expertise to issues of policy mainly through their problem-solving skills, but also, though less so, through their direct scientific knowledge

  • Be self-starters who can effectively navigate potentially vague projects with "real world" challenges and applications without becoming easily discouraged.

  • Flexible and open-minded in their approach, attempting to address issues of specific concern to policymakers and their constituencies, whenever realistically possible. 

  • Ideally, want to learn as much from the policymakers they work with as they hope to provide in technical expertise. 

  • Ask for guidance and incorporate feedback from the advisory team, with the goal of creating a positive experience not just for themselves, but also for their City Council Office team.​

The internship is unpaid and envisioned for an initial six month period, with the student committing approximately 3-5 hours per week of their own time to the effort. In addition, each participating student will be asked to make a short professional profile for themselves that can be used for an online science policy database run by the program.


Get in touch with Sci4NY to learn more or if you're interested in being an intern or hosting an intern.